Eberechi Stephanie Okoye: An Inspiration!


I met this amazing young lady at Oakland Hotel, Enugu during Aisha Osori’s “Love Does Not Win Elections” book launch (many thanks to Ify Melody of Solid FM for the invite). I was 30 minutes late for the event so […]


I met this amazing young lady at Oakland Hotel, Enugu during Aisha Osori’s “Love Does Not Win Elections” book launch (many thanks to Ify Melody of Solid FM for the invite). I was 30 minutes late for the event so I got a space behind but no matter where one sat that day, Eberechi could be noticed because of her natural hair which was so full. For me, her hair struck me but what really captured my heart was her ability to contribute SENSIBLY when Osori gave room for ideas to be shared.

As a busy body with purpose that I am, I met her after the launch and we just connected. We exchanged contacts and the journey of friendship started. We got to the point of sharing our beliefs, what we were doing with our lives and how we hope to be relevant in the world. With all these, a meeting was inevitable.

Star of the Moment

It was a brief but inspiring meeting. Eby, as she is fondly called, hails from Awgu in Enugu State, Nigeria. She was born on the 26th of June two decades ago. The very hour she was born, her father died. Depression could have been justified but she didn’t let that seize her vision for life. One unusual thing about her is the fact that she was born in Obiagu and bred at Coal Camp (this is a case of something good coming out from Nazareth. No offense, please). She attended Immaculate Heart Primary School, Urban Girls’ Secondary School both in Enugu. Currently, she is a second year student at National Open University of Nigeria studying Business Administration.

The reason she is graciously on this space is because she has done well for a 20 year old in this part of the world. She is a blogger (kindly check trendrepublic.wordpress.com), she is the CEO of Evolve Africa, an organization with its main objectives focusing on promoting literacy, increasing technological innovation and advances in Africa and to leverage on human capital development. My dear, this sounds huge but she is doing it, trust me. Her end of year project holds next month(November,2017) with the target of providing 1000 books to students in rural communities of Enugu State. It may interest you to know that she has the desire of taking Enugu to the next level as it concerns internet TV so as to measure up with Lagos.

The Meeting

The beautiful part of her life that touches me is the fact that despite growing up without a father and in an environment that is known to be unfavorable for good morals, she chose to be different. She believes that, “you are the only one who has the power to limit yourself”. Excuse for failure is the real failure. She got to this point because of her passion for being the best. What do you think will become of her in the next five years? She would be a force to be reckoned with. Thank God I am sowing my own seeds now jejely in her life #winks..

I align myself with people of value hence, I believe life would be more meaningful for me. I fall in love with genuine success no matter who has it. I am proud to inform you that I  am a volunteer at her organization. This will not only ease the work load but encourage her to never give up.

My purpose of telling her story is not to make you feel bad that you haven’t discovered purpose yet but to inspire you to start now. You cannot be Eberechi but you can be the best version of yourself. Impact in people no matter how insignificant it may seem. Do not let your circumstance or environment deny you of being the next big story. Have a target of being the world’s greatest asset.

I trust you have been inspired!

Till my next post, don’t forget you matter.

With love from your servant-writer,

Chidinma Ibemere….

26 thoughts on “Eberechi Stephanie Okoye: An Inspiration!
  1. Wow. I already liked Ebere’s vibe and to learn she’s so young and already doing so much. Definitely one for my squad. Nice post Chidinma. Finally caught up on your posts and this blog is a delight. Keep at it. Well done.

  2. As she writes,u wish and love to read more.Mma ur sense of writing is a very inviting and enticing one.I’m impressed heavily and fondly apt to read more from u…Keep touching lives!!

  3. Wawooo!
    I don’t have much to say because you have said much about her. Anyone who sees her must be astonished by her beautiful and will like to connect with her when she speaks.

  4. I would simply say I’m dumbfounded; but, I am also happy that young people like you, Mma, and Eberechi are deciding to take the bull by the horn. They say be the change you want to see. That’s what you girls are doing. We complain our government is bad (not a hidden truth); nonetheless, like Eberechi, each of us can make positive changes in our society one person at a time, starting from our little closet and spreading out. We’ll get there, fellow Nigerians, whether the unconcerned leaders want it or not. Good one, Mma! Please keep the flag flying; we’re solidly behind you my dear!! 🙂

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