Mrs Aniede : The Uncommon Woman!!!

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26 Responses

  1. ijeoma says:

    she is one in a kind. you have done well Chi

  2. Nwanne says:

    This is a huge story and quite inspiring! My take on this is that I don’t have any excuse not to excel. Keep it up dear.

  3. Charles Akidi says:

    The ability to not allow words of detractors discourage the pursuit of ones passion and dreams.

  4. Victor says:

    Chai…..very touching/Educating. ..

    Chidinma may God continue to guide/ protect and direct you in all your endeavours….Amen

  5. Constance says:

    Her persivearance got me intrigued, she just reminded me that I need to start saving again for the future and also to persevere in all I do having at the back of my mind that obstacles will come and go. Thanks Chi, your really doing a good job

  6. prince says:

    Good Job dear

  7. Chime says:

    Nice one. I’m really impressed.

  8. Joy Peters says:

    Nice one.
    Make the best with the little u have.
    I learnt dat.
    Keep it up.

  9. Blessedcy says:

    Learnt new things, got a confirmation of my personal believe also. “With determination and hard work, everything is achievable”
    Again, her story is a challenge to every individual struggling to get things done financially. If an old mother of five, can go this far to get things done, it’s a proof that even you/I can do better to reach our target.

  10. GENTILITY says:

    This is awesome and inspiring. Hardworking and persistence pays. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations.

  11. Fortune says:

    Wow…am so inspired. Good one Chidinma..

  12. Precious says:

    Oh yes I learnt something, I am sure not going to give up on my passion. I will keep pushing.

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