Mr. Okanmelu: The Man with the Vision!

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10 Responses

  1. Onyii says:

    Wow!!!! You know nothing can stop you except you. I am amazed.

    Nice blog post❤❤

  2. Amy says:

    Girl am proud of you.

  3. Benedicta Chukwuyem Uweru says:

    Great job Chi! Mr E.O indeed is the real deal

  4. Chukwuweike Jephthah Uche says:

    Its super inspiring.
    Honestly, it takes determination and perseverance.

  5. Donald Trump says:

    Truly inspiring #Thanks for the reportage ?

  6. Mahra says:

    One advice I give undergraduates esp in UNN since the school accommodates visually impaired students is to get close to at least 3 to 4 of them. Those guys can teach you resilience. You are amazed by how happy and independent they can get. And whenever those thoughts of discouragement creep into your mind, you see them and immediately you ask yourself “how dare you squander your privileges”

    Thanks “ours truly” for this motivation. And I’m rooting for Mr. Okanmelu to achieve his professorship.


    Mma this is so nice & challenging! #Heartmelting

  8. Uba Obinna ifeanyichukwu says:

    Keep doing what you know how to do bless

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