Rekindling Pan Africanism: Benedicta Uweru-Apuamah

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6 Responses

  1. None but ourselves can free our minds.
    (And just thinking out loud), A unified currency will go a long way in promoting oneness, unity , peace and love in our developing Continent, Africa.

  2. Nehemiah Yadlima says:

    Good story, with key message on our oneness. We can’t be global citizens when we don’t treat our individuality with love and respect!

  3. okobia kingsley says:

    Nice one there,we will surely get there someday…..,

  4. Ogwu Rumi says:

    This is a beautiful and very great piece.
    Of a true the Africa of ouur dreams is achieveable and we all need to work together to achieve it.

  5. Oritseweyinmi Orighoye says:

    Ubuntu! We rise even as we bury ourselves with the colonial minds that we have copied from the West.

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