Live in Peace

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15 Responses

  1. Emeka says:

    Truly the world needs peace. And to achieve that needs a determined collective effort. Kudos to you for contributing your quota in making the world a better place to live..

  2. Donald Trump says:

    Nice piece. Sadly, most of the pro-violent groups terrorizing the society hardly pay attention to “International Peace Day”.

    Nonetheless, please keep up the good work👍

  3. Somie says:

    Always on point. May God help us

  4. Afoma Pamela says:

    Baby girl u are good… Thanks for reminding us. Peace all d way

  5. Ex blogaddict says:

    “Because someone does not accept your stand does not justify violent disruptions or attacks”

    We need to loud this, for all to hear.

    Well done Chidimma

  6. Chess says:

    Peace is the key

  7. Princewill says:

    Awesome…. A very nice piece. Keep it up

  8. Uba Obinna says:

    I still believe in one thing. What the Bible says follow peace with all man and righteousness which without it no one can see GOD

  9. Unamadu Anurika Peace says:

    Interesting facts…. Peace is the way!!!

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