2020-2030: The Decade of Action

It’s already 19 days into the new year and without doubts, the usual hustle and bustle have become routine. I hope you found time to rest in all its glory during the Christmas holiday season. I guess it is not too late to welcome you to 2020 so I wholeheartedly wish you a Happy New Year my Dearest!

My outfit was made by my immediate younger sister, Chinyere

I divided my holiday between Lagos and Onitsha in Anambra State. This would be one of my most memorable holidays because I finally visited Lagos after three whole years🙈 Many thanks to my best friend from secondary school, Dr. Yewande Kowontan, who had her introduction on the 14th of December and I couldn’t have missed that for anything. I also got to see Pastor Chuks Mokeme after fifteen years as well as some of my classmates I haven’t seen since we graduated from Ogunlade College in 2008 and I am grateful for the beautiful moments we shared.


Christmas came with so much blessings as I received numerous well thought out gifts from friends and well wishers, I apologized to those I offended and spent quality time with family and before my Maker.


Our elders say, “time waits for no man” and there is no lie in that. I still have memories of what happened in my life in 2010 and it seems just like yesterday. When you have time, kindly ponder on the last ten years and you would find more reasons to embrace the need to utilize time.


Now we have another decade before us. The question is, “how do we make good use of it?” I refuse to believe that someone somewhere still thinks life should be taken for granted. If there is anything that should be your top priority, it ought to be discovering your purpose in case you haven’t and living it if you have. That is the foundation of taking the right action.


I read somewhere that our purpose is sacred and that struck me because no two persons walk the same path, they may be similar but the uniqueness in each of us makes the difference and that is the essence of life.


You are no longer permitted to exist only. Be driven by the desire to approach 2030, God willing, with the satisfaction that you have done noble for yourself and the world at large. Let there be intentional growth, processes of learning, re-learning and unlearning in ALL spheres of your life and I trust the outcome would be mind blowing.


You need to understand that there would be trying times but I encourage you to be your own cheerleader. By all means, engage yourself with the right ideas, mind those who have influence over you, be open to getting good knowledge, never sell yourself short. The world needs to feel your impact no matter how little it may seem or who benefits from you, Just Do It!!!


The decade has its time ticking already, there is no excuse for you not to pull through. Age, background, gender, cultural orientations, tribe, family may be hindering factors but can you overcome? Yes, you can!!!


I hope you find reasons to believe in yourself all the more and work towards taking the right action for our common good. Wishing you the very best of the year 2020 and beyond.

Till the next post, don’t forget to be your cheerleader…

With Love,

Chidinma Ibemere.




10 thoughts on “2020-2030: The Decade of Action

  1. God bless you immensely. I love this path. Much WISDOM in this write-up honestly as you’ve said it NO TIME AT ALL.
    Keep the good works ALIVE.

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