Impact Of COVID-19 On Girls’ Education In Nigeria By Titilayo Ogunbambi

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10 Responses

  1. Jolomi says:

    Well done Titi. Great insight indeed to the public education of the girl child at this time. I believe this also calls for greater collaboration with government to ensure no one is left behind.
    What affects one, affects us all. This pandemic has shown that the walls we built around ourselves (in our minds, be it social, economical, etc.) have no borders any longer.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is really amazing ma…. this pandemic as caused a lot

  3. Judith says:

    This is a beautiful wtite up. I agree , we need to deploy less traditional methods to ensure that children especially those not opportuned to have technology also do not miss out .

    I was having a discussion with a friend concerning this and an idea popped up. What if we the goverment records the school work and then mounts televisions at every community ? They could deploy the teachers to teach the different class group.
    It could be a 6 hours event per day mimicking the real school setting with the various class teachers taking one day in a week.
    That way we can to a large extent include the public school children and those that do not have access to internet and technology.

    • Titilayo says:

      Thanks you for this great input. I agree with you that using the already available structure by government can sure go a long way in bridging the gap for the most disadvantaged children at this time.

  4. Bosede Oyekunle says:

    Aptly said by Mrs Titi Ogunbambi, we need to work on solution since our problem is know. Thank you Titi

  5. Osagie says:

    Great insight and sound advice..shows the amount of work we must do especially with the public education system otherwise we stand the risk of education being only for the haves.
    Thanks Titi for the call to duty

  6. Ebere Odika says:

    Great Recommendations Titi! The IBREATHE team has embarked on a covid19 education response project to promote continuous learning in rural and vulnerable settings for at risk children especially girls. We are sure going to employ the use of the strategies provided to achieve our goal.

  7. Joy says:

    Great write up, Really COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragile system of Education in Nigeria and it is becoming an alarming situation.

  8. Thank you Chidinma, I believe this should start an important conversation and can help point us to the right direction.

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