Daddy Hezekiah: The UN Mayor of Peace


The International Day of Peace is marked on every 21st of September and was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. On this day, “the United Nations calls on all nations and people to put down their weapons […]

The International Day of Peace is marked on every 21st of September and was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. On this day, “the United Nations calls on all nations and people to put down their weapons and reaffirm their commitment to living in harmony with one another.“

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Without doubts, there are great individuals across the globe who do not wait on 21st September before seeking, pursuing, preserving and promoting peace. The Holy Bible refers to these Peace Icons as the Sons of God (Matthew 5:9). This year’s World Peace Day is unique because the pandemic has further strengthened the need for everyone, everywhere to embrace the concept of living together as one.

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For exceptional individuals who go above and beyond to ensure peace is sustained by all regardless of background, religion, political orientations or race, it is imperative to honor them. This is because the world is constantly faced with various forms of violence as well as struggles and anyone who is committed to changing such narrative deserves to be celebrated.

To mark this year’s International Day of Peace, the International Association of World Peace Advocates, an organization duly registered with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, has conferred the honor of “UNITED NATIONS MAYOR OF PEACE” on His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), Founder/Leader, Living Christ Mission Inc., Proprietor/Chancellor, Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State, Nigeria, the only NUC licensed Private University in Imo State.

This deserving honor is in line with his numerous contributions towards establishing the essence of peace across the globe and more importantly, his dedication in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Some of Prof. Daddy Hezekiah’s mighty works are highlighted below:

  •  While studying Industrial Chemistry at the University of Zambia, Daddy Hezekiah then Victor Obi Onukogu, was the first Nigerian to be invited by the serving President Kenneth Kaunda to pray for the nation of Zambia and his cabinet at the State House in 1979. The impact of this prayer was evident in the administrative prowess of President Kaunda.
  • In 1983, he established Living Christ Mission Inc., a church committed to preaching the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ with a special focus on holiness, righteousness and salvation. The church has branches world over, in major cities and local communities, teaching peace, spreading love and light. He built two great temples of 75,000 seating capacity in Onitsha, Anambra State and 55,000 seating capacity in Nkwerre, Imo State single handed. The third one, a 45,000 seating capacity is under construction in Owerri, Imo State.

  • Daddy Hezekiah’s love for education inspired him to build a world class university in his hometown, Nkwerre in Imo State. The school welcomed its first set of students in 2015 and has produced the pioneer graduates who are excelling in their various places of primary assignment as members of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme. He also set historical precedence when he awarded the first set of students at the University a scholarship of ₦100,000 each, while the 2nd set of students ₦80,000 and 3rd set, ₦65,000 respectively. As at today, Hezekiah University is the cheapest private university in Nigeria.
  • Daddy Hezekiah rebuilt and remodeled the Department of Political Science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka at the cost of ₦15,000,000 (fifteen million naira), In addition to the scholarship awarded to some indigent non-members of Living Christ Mission studying at the University.
  • His Grace has made several cash and kind donations towards the advancement of education, support for governmental projects, and to denominations, orphanages/motherless babies’ homes, the payment of hospital bills, building of houses for the destitute and sponsoring the burials of some whom their families are too poor to bury, etc. Such include a donation of N300,000 (three hundred thousand naira) to the Inland Girls’ Secondary School in Onitsha, Anambra State, towards the construction of a science block, in 1995. He also donated thousands of naira to the Roman Catholic Charismatic Movement towards the purchase of a bus.
  • In 1997, Daddy Hezekiah rebuilt a central mosque razed during an intertribal clash, for Muslims in Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria.
  • In April 2002, he donated the sum of $30, 000 (thirty thousand USD) to the Government and People of the United States of America towards rebuilding the World Trade Centre in New York, assisting the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. He also donated the sum of $20, 000 (twenty thousand USD), in the same year, to the Government and People of Israel towards assisting the refugees who run to Israel from Southern Lebanon and/or for any other useful purpose.
  • In December 2000, he donated N550,000 to the Imo State Broadcasting Corporation. In February 2002, Daddy donated a 150 KVA capacity generator to the Student Christian Movement (SCM), Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, Imo State, for fellowships and crusades. On April 14, 2005, he donated a N3.5 million ICT Centre to the Chemical Society of Nigeria, Anambra chapter of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
  • For over three decades, Daddy Hezekiah has supported families, communities and organizations across the world with different kinds of gifts ranging from cash, food items, clothing materials etc., to celebrate Christmas. It is important to note that most beneficiaries are not related to him in anyway. This project runs in millions and is carried out each year.
  • Daddy Hezekiah also has a scholarship scheme for thousands of people both in Nigeria and in diaspora. The scheme supports people from less privileged backgrounds even to PhD level. The scholarship scheme is on full terms, that is, it covers complete tuition fees, educational materials, stipends and emotional support. This initiative has produced prominent personalities in different spheres of life including the content creator of CIB.

  • Ever since the crises in Southern Kaduna Nigeria started, he has provided relief materials and the needed support to victims to offer them the opportunity to thrive.
  • During the lockdown enforced by government as a measure of containing the spread of the coronavirus, Daddy Hezekiah mapped out thirty million naira to provide palliatives for individuals and families. The beneficiaries were from various tribes and religion.
  • He is the Spiritual Director and Patron of various religious institutions. This is possible because he believes in the principle of live and let live.
  • Due to Daddy Hezekiah’s contributions to the advancement of Unity in Nigeria and beyond, he was awarded the prestigious Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, MFR, by the Late President Umar Music Yaradua in 2008.

Below are few of his numerous notable awards:
• Noble Father of Nigeria Youth in 2003
• Ananpi Magaji Allah ( Prophet of the Most High God) by Northern Nigeria Traditional Leaders (2016)
• Justice of Peace by United Nations POLAC Peace Organization in 2010
• Odum Ebo Igbo (Lion of the tribe of Igbo) by Eze H.N Ohazulike (Omereoha, Eze Mkpume II), the Eze Ndi Igbo of Lagos State and President General, Ndi Eze Ndi Igbo N’uzo Ije (Diaspora) with membership of Council of Chiefs in 2005.

These and many more are the important milestones of His Grace. Being recognized as an International Mayor of Peace is a great encouragement to the mighty Philanthropist of our generation. The International Association of World Peace Advocates is commended for this historic act of bestowing such honor to him despite the fact that he is not an African President.

We are so proud of Daddy Hezekiah and wish him greater success stories and recognitions.


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  1. Congratulation sir UN Mayor of peace, Anointed prophet of the most high God, you stood the test of time, you are Exceptional, loves unconditionally, delight, Blessing to Generation, An inspiration, Man with vision, unique, The greatest Achiever, Reason for the season, outstanding among the best, Gift to the world, fabulous, fantastic, Dependable, Reliable, Amazing, Awesome, Authorized LION, lion of peace, may God continue to keep you, make his face to shine brightest upon you and be Gracious to you, AMEN

  2. Congratulations The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah, The Great Peace Maker. You are indeed Great and deserve the honour being bestowed on you “The UN Major Of Peace’ I salute you Sir

  3. Wonderful accolade to the most deserving recipient. On behalf my family I say a massive congratulations to our dear Daddy on this new feather added to his well decorated kingly cap. More powers to your elbows Sir.

  4. Congratulations Sir. A well-deserved honour. Because you honour God in deed and in truth, He will continue to honour you in this world and in the world to come. Amen.
    -Engr. Iyke Ohaeto

  5. Congratulations Sir. A well-deserved honour. Because you honour God in deed and in truth, He will continue to honour you in this world and in the world to come. Amen.
    -Engr. Iyke Ohaeto

  6. Congratulations Sir. A well-deserved honour. Because you honour God in deed and in truth, He will continue to honour you in this world and in the world to come. Amen.
    -Engr. Iyke Ohaeto

  7. Congratulations sir.other men of God need to emulate from your life style. We need more people like you .may God continue to reward you according to his will. In Jesus name Amen

  8. Congratulations to a worthy ambassador of peace. You deserve more because your exemplary life cannot be over emphasized. Ride on Beloved Daddy. This is a well deserved honour.

  9. Congratulations UN Mayor of Peace,
    A well deserved award. This is indeed a token of appreciation to His Grace as he has done more than specified here.

  10. Indeed great Beings are honoured greatly. His grace deserves more than this award because He is a peace maker and indeed peace personified.

  11. This is Great. Congratulations to the Beloved of God Almighty who has continued to win souls for Christ and promoted unprecedented peace across the globe. You are Already Blessed His Grace.

  12. When excellence is rewarded, development is assured and there is a hope for better Tommorow.

    His Grace, The Most Rev Prof Daddy Hezekiah is a very good man, remarkably humane and a benefactor of note.

    Congratulations to you Sir, Distinguished man of peace. You deserve more.

  13. An award well deserved by this great, humble, true man of God His Grace The Most Revered Prof. Daddy Hezekiah. A man of peace and unity. A father to all without discrimination. A helper to the helpless, a. philanthropist without comparison, A replica of His father Jesus Christ. A real. Prophet of the Most High God. A big congratulations to you Sir.

  14. An honour well deserved indeed , He is a great man that love Justice , unity and peace. Congratulations Sir. You deserve even more Sir.

  15. A being you need to discover and see for yourself. A rare being , DISTINGUISHED and RESPECTED. A servant cum Prophet of God Par Excellence

  16. Great Honour….. Though he deserves more but kudos to them for recognising just a few of his philanthropic gestures to mankind not mentioning his kindness & Undying love for God’s creation… Daddy Hezekiah is simply an amazing great being

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