Daddy Hezekiah’s 2020 Birthday: Faces and Wishes


In order to add my voice to the millions of people across the length and breadth of the earth who are celebrating my benefactor, His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), the Anointed Prophet of the Most […]

In order to add my voice to the millions of people across the length and breadth of the earth who are celebrating my benefactor, His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), the Anointed Prophet of the Most High God, Founder/Leader, Living Christ Mission, Inc., Proprietor/Chancellor, Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State, the first and only NUC licensed Private University in the State, I decided to publish this special edition.


I wish I had millions in cash (foreign currency my dear) to appreciate this great being for all he stands for in my life. Daddy Hezekiah trained me from scratch till date. I currently have an M.Sc in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics from the University of Nigeria Nsukka  because of him. He is under no form of obligation to invest in me but he chose to give my life a meaning. I remember his prayer for me on the 26th of June, 2017. He told God to give me the grace to fulfill my mission on earth. One of the missions I am committed to is making my Big Daddy proud of his investment in my life and to take care of him with my resources.

I am deeply honored to have him in my life and I wish him the very best as he celebrates his 53rd year birthday as God’s Representative on Earth. Daddy, may God’s love be renewed for you today and always, Amen.


Because I am a very kind girl😎, I decided to share my platform with people of goodwill, in and outside Nigeria, to join in celebrating the International Mayor of Peace. I am grateful to all who participated. You are special to me. May our wishes be pleasant sacrifices and may God’s blessings abound for us always and in all ways, Amen.

Please, enjoy this piece❤


Azubuike Ibemere & Family  

Beloved Father, Our Lord, we appreciate you from the depths of our hearts for being an amazing support system since the inception of this family nearly 3 decades ago.

We are grateful for the privilege to be your own. May the Almighty empower you greatly for the wonderful tasks ahead and may we repay you with righteousness and holiness.

We love you Our King!!!


Uwaoma Onukogu

My Faithful Friend, Father, Brother, Prophet and Savior, Happy Birthday to you Sir. Thank you for all you do for me. May God reward you bountifully, Amen. Have a great new year Sir.


Chiemeka Uwams

Words cannot express the joy of your birth in my life.

As you celebrate your birthday Beloved Father, I wish you glorious blessings that surpass that of Abraham. I love you wholeheartedly Dad.



Favour Ejike

My Beloved Daddy Hezekiah, you are a blessing to humanity.


May God bless you My Caring Father. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir!


Engr. Chidi Agbo

My love and life sweetener, may this new year bring you beautiful blessings and honors.

May you reign forever in majesty and may the good Lord decorate you with a deeper knowledge of Him. Happy Birthday My Daddy.


Stella Uwams

It’s a great pleasure to know a great being and an Angel sent to this corrupt world to be my father, brother, prophet, helper and God’s representative. I am indebted to you father and I wish you an exceptional, happy birthday.
I know that God Almighty, your father, has blessed you already. Thank you for accepting me and making me your daughter. My Pearl, I wish you more strength, more gracious years and everything great in life in Jesus name, Amen.
Madu Godswill
Beloved Daddy, I love you. Happy birthday Sir! May you continue to bear with us till we become perfect for the eternal home in heaven. Daddy, CONGRATULATIONS SIR!
Chinaka Martin
Oguchiluru Onyejiaka
Happy birthday to you Daddy, an Icon of perfection in all ramifications. May God continually bless you till eternity. Cheers to my loving father!
Opara Victoria
Wow! It’s the celebration of my Beloved and Precious Daddy. Words cannot express the feeling and happiness filled in my heart to tell the world how wonderful and great you are to me. You are the hope of mankind. Daddy, I join the heavens to remember your birth and to wish you many more happy years, prosperous and a healthy life ahead. May God’s love never depart from you and may smiles never depart from your face, Amen. Hurray!!! Daddy is 53 years in the Lord…
Sopulu Atuanya
I am extremely happy because I have been blessed with the best gift in this world. You have been a REAL father, loving me unconditionally.
My Greatest Achievement, you are my teacher, best friend and my everyday inspiration. You are more than great! Thank you dearly for everything. Happy Birthday World’s Best Daddy. I am so proud of you Dad!
Chinenye Anozie
My Beloved and Handsome Daddy Hezekiah, happy fruitful, mighty and wonderful birthday. My Precious Father, may God Almighty continue to shower His blessings upon you now and forever more in Jesus name, Amen.
Dr. Chidi Onwubiko (NHS, UK)
My Beloved and Holy Father, I humbly join your children across the globe to wish you well as you celebrate your 53rd year in the service of God and humanity.

You are an excellent proof that God exists and He rewards those who honor Him in truth and in spirit.

My Priceless Jewel, it’s no longer news that my daily survival is through your unconditional love and prayers. I am your child only by privilege. May this new year and beyond bring you greater testimonies, blessings, happiness and glory.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Odiwonma Michael & Family
My Beloved and Caring Daddy, happy  53rd year birthday in the Lord. May  God continue to bless you in Jesus name, Amen.
Victor Anuebunwa
The few persons I have met as individuals, church leaders and mentors, none can be compared to you, Beloved Daddy. Countless times, you have proven to us that you are an anointed Prophet of God who sees the future.
I am grateful to join in wishing you a happy birthday my Loving Daddy. Your qualities are outstanding- you are patient, optimistic, kind, full of love and compassion. May God bless you continually in preparation for more souls you will harvest for him, Amen!
Ugochukwu Ohaja
Happy birthday to a father extraordinaire, whose concern over our spiritual lives is not only visionary, but exemplary.
I must confess that your messages which are always supported by good and sound scriptural quotations are clear indications that your service to God and humanity is heavenly ordained.

Daddy, you have always shown us the practical aspects of Christianity. This is as evident in your magnanimous contributions during the period of Covid-19 influenced lockdown. It was a period  you cheerfully donated to the poor and the needy, which benefited Christians and non Christians alike, who received over 30 million (NGN) worth of food items and cash  from you.

As a Living Legend I know you to be Sir, the whole world needs to celebrate you; and as we celebrate your special day, may God Almighty continue to shower you with immeasurable grace, wisdom, long life and prosperity to continue with your good works in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Umelo Queen Chidimma
I have come across so many men of God but none is comparable with you. Daddy is full of love, care and compassion for his children. I cannot forget how you raised me from grass to Grace, to sit among princes. My love for you will know no bound and will surely lead me to eternal life. I pray God to bless you beyond measure so that you will live to reap the good fruits of your labor in Jesus name, Amen. Happy Birthday Beloved Father.
Chidinma Eke
Happy Birthday My Holy and Precious Father, Daddy Hezekiah ❤
Obinna Roy Uba
The Lord Of My Heart, my Daddy, Happy Birthday. I humbly wish you long life and great prosperity
🎂 🍾🍾🍾🎂🎂🎂🎂
Ibekwe Victor Ifeanyi
Happy birthday to my Beloved Daddy. I am celebrating you because you deserve to be honored.  I am so proud to be associated with you Sir. May God continue to bless and nourish you. May God give me the grace to pay you back righteously, Amen. Happy Birthday my Love.
Okoli Simon
Happy birthday my wonderful Daddy, may you continue to live wholly in Christ. Happy Birthday Sir.
Philip Ukwuoma
Daddy, you are the reason for this season; you are the light that shines for all including those who do not deserve it. Daddy, you are my way to success, the truth I speak, my companion. Daddy, words will not be enough to tell of your good deeds or thank you enough for your ever-flowing benevolence to mankind. God has ordained you forever. Happy Birthday my Daddy, Priest, King, and great philanthropist.
Ndubueze Bright
My Beloved and Precious Father, My reason for existence, my Hope, it is indeed a divine blessing to have a true and worthy hero like you as a father.  Your lifestyle and achievements are inspirational, Daddy’m, from the core of my heart, I want to let you know how grateful I am for the valuable lessons that you have impacted in me, the kindness and love you have always showered on me in particular and my family in general. I pray that God blesses and keeps you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. Amen. My hope, Happy Healthy Birthday.
Ukwuoma Emmanuel Obinna

Dearest Daddy, you have specially touched and transformed my life in diverse ways; likewise, you have touched and transformed the lives of millions. Your life simply epitomizes the life of Jesus Christ in all respect, just doing good.

As you celebrate Your 53rd year in the Lord, it’s my earnest prayer that the Lord Jesus Christ, your Father, continue to multiply His Grace upon You, grant you all your heart’s desires and keep You exceedingly happy always.
Happy Birthday Sir!


Ebonine, Eze Kingsley 
Ngozi Ukaegbu
Happy Birthday to you my Beloved Daddy. Your tomorrow shall be greater than today. I love you Dad.
Nneka Ukegbu
With a heart full of joy and gratitude, I kneel to wish my Beloved Daddy, the Lion of the tribe of Igbo and the Anointed Prophet of the Most High God, a very Happy Birthday. May the Lord your God grant all your heart desires now and forever in Jesus name, Amen.
Oji Chidiebere
Happy Birthday Odum Ebo Igbo
Happy Birthday the Great Chancellor.
I pray God to continue to strengthen, bless and uplift you as you celebrate your 53rd year in the Lord. The great achiever and the Son of Jesus Christ, I wish you a blissful and successful Birthday. I love you Daddy.
Favour Mgbudom
Happy birthday to my Undiluted Daddy with the Undiluted WORD of GOD. You are the reason I am still living, my confidence, smile, my laughter, my love. Npam,
I wish you long life with good health and may GOD grant you all your heart desires towards your children in Jesus name, Amen 🙏
Daddy’m, you are already blessed. I love you sir.
Emeka Obiajunwa
Daddy, my Hero, you made me who i am today, Daddy, trained me in school, gave me hope and a future. Happy birthday my physical and spiritual daddy

Happy Birthday to an amazing father,  a father like no other. You are indeed a blessing not only to Living Christ Mission but also to the world at large.

 I am proud to be part of your family.
Happy birthday my unique, amazing, wonderful and caring Daddy. Many more years Sir.
Ijeoma Obiakor

Happy birthday to my precious Daddy, my hope, joy, love and my everything. I wish you good health and more of God’s blessings. May He grant all your heart desires in Jesus name, Amen.

Happy birthday Daddy’m.
Hip! Hip! Hip!
Smart Anyanwu (Hezekiah University Graduate)
A Happy Birthday to a Man with a heart of Gold, who has love for
humanity as such, making his University (Hezekiah University, Umudi,
Nkwerre, Imo State L.G.A), the Cheapest Private University in Nigeria.
Happy Birthday the Anointed Prophet of the Most High God.
Ezinne Agugua
Congratulations to the Great Lion. I will forever be grateful to you. Daddy, happy 53rd year birthday in the Lord.
Nkiru Anozie
With a heart filled with joy and gladness, I am overwhelmed to wish my beloved, stainless, beautiful and precious Father a happy birthday. I love you endlessly Daddy.
Amarachukwu Grace Chinedu

Happy birthday to my grand philanthropist, an amazing and awesome Dad, a man after the heart of Christ, a caring, unique and noble father, an epitome of love and God’s representative on earth.

As you celebrate your birthday Daddy, may your father shower you with immeasurable favor, grace and strength to carry on with your work. May He grant you the power to do more exploits to His glory. Your children love you deeply and pray for the grace to follow you till eternity.
Ngozi Okafor
Ohagwa’s Family (Warri)
My one and only, life giver, my refuge and fortress, you made yourself a prisoner so I can be free. Anapi Mangaji Allah, l am wishing you many more fruitful, healthy, prosperous, blissful years ahead. May God the Father reward you greatly. My beloved Daddy, Happy Birthday in Jesus name, Amen.
Okoli Joshua

Precious Daddy, I am wishing you a very happy birthday to you Sir. The Shepherd of my soul and my guardian angel, may you have many more fruitful and prosperous years in the Lord.

Long Live My Beloved Daddy!

Long Live The Beloved of God!

Happy Birthday DADDY’M!

Victoria Ukoha
Amaka Madugba
My world, my life, words fail me to describe your personality. You are a father so dear. Even in the face of disappointments, your love for me is ever sure. God bless you richly Dad. Your crown is assured already. I love you deeply darling Dad💕💕💕
Akachukwu Igwebuike
My Daddy, you are a very special and precious being.  May you be gifted with  great joy and never ending bliss. You deserve the best. Happy Birthday my Beloved Daddy,  joy, and my holy father.
Eze Edith
My Beloved and Precious Daddy, Happy Birthday to you sir. I am wishing you abundant love and blessings from God Almighty. Beloved Daddy, you are a great being and have always been doing great things in the lives of your children and the world at large. May God continue to strengthen you this day and forever in Jesus name, Amen.
Ndubuisi Ukaegbu
My Beloved Daddy, you are such a great Father. On this day, as we celebrate you, I seize this opportunity to say THANKS BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY for blessing me with you. May grant all your heart desires in Jesus name, AMEN.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED FATHER.
Bekee Tochukwu
A Happy birthday to you, His Grace the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah , the Anointed Prophet of the Most High God. I am overwhelmed with joy and words cannot express each time I remember I have you as a father and friend, who teaches the undiluted word of God, emphasizing on Salvation, Holiness and Righteousness. Your kindness to the poor and needy are limitless, you speak up for the voiceless and deliver the oppressed. May God bless you immensely with long life and every good thing as you celebrate in this leap year 2020.
Emeto Sharon
I am wishing my Beloved and Precious Daddy, my doctor, my salvation, Odum Ebo Igbo, a happy birthday in Jesus name, Amen.
Happy birthday to my caring, loving and one and only Daddy in the world.
Nelson Christopher Onugha
To the greatest of them all, a father with exceptions, an unimaginable and amiable Lion. As you celebrate your birthday, may God continue to strengthen you just as your name implies. Happy Birthday Daddy.
Kate Raph Ogechi
My One and Only Daddy, My Father, My Love, My Succor, My Reason For Smiling and My Heartthrob, I am delighted to be your own. Despite the fact that you have many children, you treat each child specially. You are indeed God’s Representative On Earth. I am sincerely wishing you a very Happy Birthday, more fruitful years ahead, more miracles, more answered prayers and more saved souls for God In Jesus Name, Amen.
Dr. Iheagwam Roseline B.

Daddy Hezekiah, I salute you Sir.

I join millions of people across the world to celebrate you. You have dedicated your life to the service of God and humanity. Your powerful prayers have delivered thousands from the hands of the devil and death. Your hands fed millions in this pandemic irrespective of tribe or religious affiliation.
The Anointed Prophet the Most High God, the Lord will continue to grant your heart desires. Your children shall be more than the stars in the sky. Your labour shall not be in vain
Ride on in majesty. Happy Birthday Sir!!!
National Association of Living Christ Students, Hezekiah University Chapter

It is a great honour to celebrate a mighty being, the greatest Chancellor we have ever seen on earth.

Sir, you have indeed changed our lives. You provided the best edifice, conducive environment, renowned professors  and lecturers, well equipped and sophisticated library and laboratories for us to learn without discomfort.
For protecting us, for giving us the best education, may God continue to bless you and keep you, may he shame your enemies always. You will forever gain favour in sight of God. Your great institution, HEZEKIAH UNIVERSITY, will move from this great level to another excellent level, in Jesus name, Amen.
Our great Chancellor, we wish you a happy birthday with ever-green life and prosperity in Christ, in Jesus name, Amen.
Madugba Chimezirim
With a heart full of joy and gladness, I  congratulate my Beloved Daddy, His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), on his 53rd year in the Lord.
Beloved Daddy, I appreciate your astute leadership style and your uncompromising focus on Salvation, Holiness and the fear of God. Your philanthropic gestures to humanity are numerous. To a Spiritual icon, good shepherd and a selfless father, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!
Nze & Lolo Mike Oguabadike
We want to use this medium to wish His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), Odum Ebo Igbo, a very Happy Birthday.
DADDY, you deserve to be celebrated because you are a true Icon of Peace, Love, Mercy, Kindness, Holiness, Righteousness, and Salvation.
You do exactly what you preach and you preach exactly what you do. You are an exceptional being and you act just like your Father, Jesus Christ.
We celebrate you today and always and heavens also celebrate you. Your altruism and magnanimity, selfless service to mankind know no bounds.
We are wishing you a happy birthday from the depth of our hearts.
Edna Ilouno
Daddy, you are an exemplary and visionary leader. You have dedicated your life to God’s work and winning souls for God. Your messages are undiluted which have converted many souls to God. As you celebrate your birthday,  may God Almighty continue to shower his anointing, blessings, favour, wisdom on you. May He bless you with more faithful children in Jesus name, Amen. Happy birthday my Beloved and Precious Daddy.
Onugha Chibuzor Ann

My Beloved Daddy, the Great Amazon, this is a heartfelt birthday wish to you for your great achievement in the lives of your children and the world at large.

Your exemplary lifestyle is incomparable and that is why you were recently recognized as the Mayor of Peace by the United Nations.
Your humility is undeniably shown in the services you render to God and humanity. No wonder the heavens applaud you for this and God readily responds to you whenever you pray.
I am so happy and proud to have you as my father because you are everything that I prayed for.
You are the great Amazon of our time and God’s representative on Earth.
Happy Birthday my gracious, holy, amiable, handsome and trustworthy father.
Chioma Odikanwa née Ukwuoma
Happy birthday my Best Daddy. You will never cease to be my precious dad. I am wishing you more years and more grace. May God bless you with faithful, obedient, holy, and encouraging children in Jesus name, Amen,
Constance Anugwom (Houston Texas, USA)
Congratulations to a Great Father of all nationa on his birthday celebration. Beloved and Precious Daddy, I join the Holy Host of Heaven in wishing you a Happy Birthday. Papa, I wish you many more blissful, fruitful and successful years in the Lord in Jesus name, Amen.
Edwin Chibuzo

I am so proud to have such a great father like you and I will always cherish all the priceless lessons you have given me. It is amazing how you make life so simple and incredible for a young man like me. I am privileged and tremendously blessed to be your son. Happiest Birthday to the greatest Father of our generation.

Ezumezu Chioma

My ever loving father, I know I have never been the perfect child for you, but you have always been the perfect Dad for me! I could not have asked for anyone else as my dad, Happy Birthday Sir!

Makuochukwu Oji

Happy Birthday Beloved Daddy, Mayor of Peace. Your good deeds are immeasurable and awesome. You are rare. I am so proud to be associated with you, I won’t change that for anything.

Love you so much Dad and I pray that God continually blesses you, Amen.
Happy birthday my Odum!
Tochukwu Amaifeobu
My Precious and Beloved Daddy, I wish you a  successful, wonderful and prosperous birthday in the Lord. May the good Lord continue to strengthen and encourage you in Jesus name, Amen.
Cynthia Nwaneri
With a sincere and joyful heart, I wish a happy and blessed birthday to a worthy father, His Grace, the Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), Odum Ebo Igbo. More grace Daddy!
Nkiru Arum
A king is born,
A star is illuminating,
The whole of heaven is rejoicing as a rare being is celebrated.
May Hallelujah and praises be continually sung in heaven on your behalf.
I join the angels as they rejoice at your birth Daddy Dearest.
Happy birthday my great and beloved father.
Many more years Daddy Special.
Ogechi Ehirim & Family (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Behold my one and only Daddy in whom I am well pleased! My inheritance, my portion forever, counselor, God’s own instrument, the son of Jesus Christ, God’s representative on earth, Grandson of God the Father, a Peace Advocate, no wonder you were recently honored as the International Mayor of Peace!
Daddy’m, there’s no name we call you that you do not surpass. Beloved Father, my heart is very pleased to join your children all over the world to celebrate your birthday once again. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a very Happy Birthday Sir. My children and I wish you many more glorious and wonderful years. We wish you more greatness, an overflow of God’s goodness and mercies. May God grant you everything your heart desires, above all, may you have us and many of your children all over the world as presents to your father on the last day.
Happy Birthday Obim!
Happy birthday Papam!!
Love you forever!!!
Best wishes always Daddy.
Michael Ezeinegbu
My family and I, felicitate with our Holy, Righteous and Beloved Daddy, His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah on his birthday celebration. Whom the cap fits, let him wear the cap. It’s indeed a befitting and royal cap- the Anointed Prophet of the Most High God. We pray that God Almighty who added another year to your span of life will do more in years to come. Happy birthday!
Remain ever blessed in the Lord, we wish you the best forever, in Jesus name, Amen.
Princesses Group (Awka Branch)            To the glory of God, we, the members of Princesses Group, Awka Branch of Living Christ Mission, congratulate our cherished and beloved Daddy, His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah, on the occasion of his birthday. Daddy, our sincere wish is that as you celebrate this birthday, may the Almighty God adorn you with all that it takes for you to accomplish your mission in Living Christ Mission and on Earth in Jesus name, Amen.
Chibuzo Ihegboro
Happy Birthday My Precious Daddy.
May God bless you abundantly and grant all your heart desires.
Daddy may God continue to strengthen you in good health and with long life.
Have a prosperous birthday my Father like no other.
Victor Ossy Benson
My Beloved and Precious Daddy, I humbly wish you God’s blessings in abundance. May God strengthen you the more as you add another year in the Lord. He will surely grant all your heart desires.
Chidinma Loretta Ngameduru
It is a great privilege to wish you a great birthday Daddy. Truly your birth is worth celebrating because you have saved souls from destruction, you have given comfort to many and you have distributed your God given Grace amongst your children.
You are truly worthy of all the exhortation, praises and adulation that you receive Daddy. Coming close to you and getting to know you have been a privilege to me. You have made me to know God more than I ever could and have transformed my life with the undiluted words of the Almighty God.
Daddy, you have sacrificed so much for everyone and your impact has been felt positively by so many people all over the world, not just the members of Living Christ Mission.
You are a Living Legend and a True Prophet of the Most High God.
Daddy, look at the lives you saved from hunger and starvation during the lockdown with your immeasurable palliatives. You gave to people without discrimination of religion or tribe. Your exemplary lifestyle is worthy of emulation.
I am Strongly, Boldly and Proudly saying that there is no one like you Daddy. Who wouldn’t Love a Father Like You?
Daddy, may you continue to do Greater, and Mightier things through God who Strengthens you.
Daddy, your Personality and  Qualities  are  Unmatched, Irreplaceable, Unquantifiable and Immeasurable,  I love you so much Akwa Nnam.
Happy Birthday Mighty Prophet Daddy Hezekiah 
Victor Wezuobu 
A happy birthday to you my Beloved Daddy, a worthy representative of God on earth. A loving and caring Father who preaches the word of God to all without mincing words. On this your special birthday, I pray that God’s goodness and mercy shall follow you. He will exceedingly bless you, anoint you and satisfy you with long life so you will reap the fruits for your labour, Amen.
Nkiruka Emmanuel Née Ndukwe (Dallas Branch, USA)

He is a special man, whose love and care seem to have no end. He is a teacher and a supporter. He is always there to lend a hand, to give advice, to smile, to comfort or encourage. Happy Birthday  Akwanna, My Beloved!

Dr. J. I. Anene and Family,

Happy Glorious Birthday to my Spiritual Guide and Preserver, His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah (MFR, JP), Spiritual Collosus and Captain of Education.

Daddy, I live today, survive onslaughts of seen and unseen enemies/ terrors, have food on my table and have hope of Eternal Life in this wicked world, are possible because of you, God’s own Representative on Earth. Truly, Great Men have set feet on this earth since the days of our Lord Jesus and earlier, but you surpass them all. But for you, Nigeria and indeed the world which rejects Christ your Father, would have been in complete chaos and abject darkness. Thank you for coming to the world.

May the Angels who will troop in their numbers to celebrate your 53rd Year Birthday-in-the-Lord, bring us bounties and blessings from above as they fellowship with us in this sin-stricken, evil-enthroned and wickedness-covered world.

My Beloved Daddy, Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns. Congratulations Sir!

Thank you so much for reading to this point. I hope you are convinced that this great man of God deserves to be celebrated at all times. Please, do not forget to continue sending in your best wishes via the comment section below.


God bless you.

Till the next time, be intentional about living a life of impact.

With Love From,

Chidinma Ibemere❤

33 thoughts on “Daddy Hezekiah’s 2020 Birthday: Faces and Wishes
  1. Hmmm, my Beloved Chidinma Ibemere, pens of great journalists and writers have left indelible marks on our world, especially the positive ones. A handwriting on the wall bearing your signature signifies greater positive marks yet to come!
    May the awesome God of DADDY HEZEKIAH bring the mighty and illuminating ideas in you, to fruition. Amen.
    J. I. Anene FNIM.


  3. He is my life my world, I wish my beloved daddy the most so far best happy birthday, he is my joy, happiness and redeemer. Daddy I love u more

  4. Daddy on this special day of yours I wish you my sweet daddy a happy 53rd birthday. Daddy mere words can not describe how much you mean to me. I love you with everything I have.
    From your dearest daughter.

  5. Am so honoured to be amongs those that wish my beloved father and mentor happy birthday…My precious Father you are one in a million, your good works and philanthropical acts to humanity speak volume, sir, I bless the day I found you!! You remain the best DADDY IN THE WORLD! and I love you so much .HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SIR!!!

  6. Happy birthday my Beloved Daddy. May the Living God continue to give you strength save more souls for Christ. Love you Dad.

  7. Precious fathe,r the reason for my happiness, the Godsent to mankind I wish you a very happy birthday in Jesus name Amen

  8. Having wished our beloved Daddy a happy and prosperous 53rd year in the Lord, I want to appreciate my lovely sister, Chidinma Ibemere, for creating a platform like this. I think this is a record breaker.
    We’re proud of you Chidinma. Keep growing in God’s grace and in his fear, Amen!

  9. Ezigbo Papa,
    Chineke gozie gi dika Anyi si echeta aro gi n’ime oru Onye nwe anyi. Chineke ga emezuru gi ochicho nke obi gi. I na-aru oru Chineke zitere gi karia ka atubara anya.
    Ndewo ezigbo Nna. Chukwu Gozie gi ebe o puru iche.

  10. With the greatest respect and reverence I wish my Most Beloved Daddy, His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah, MFR, the backbone of my life, THE LAST HOPE OF MANKIND, a happy, wonderful and glorious 53rd Birthday Celebration. May the Almighty God continue to shower His infinite blessings on him in Jesus name. Amen.
    -Engr. Chief Iyke Ohaeto,

  11. Happy birthday my dearest Father, my one in trillion Daddy. May God Almighty continue to lift you higher and higher. Your blessings know no bounds. You are my world and my everything.

  12. This is very commendable! CIB, keep it up and may the Lord continue to endow you with great ideas.

    To my dearest Daddy, a unique replica of Christ, I pray that the Almighty God shall continue to bountifully pour out His blessings upon him without measure and keep him happy always in Jesus name. Amen.


  13. The best Daddy in the whole world..
    Words can not describe how I feel about you…
    But I pray that God will continue to bless you and increase your anointing and strength as you enter a new age..
    Happy birthday to you Beloved Daddy 🥰🥰🥰

  14. Beloved Daddy I lack the right words to express how I truly feel about you.In a world full of filth and deceit you showed me the way,the truth and the life.My Dad and King I love you with my life ❣️. Happy birthday Beloved Daddy

  15. Daddy Hezekiah, the Representative of God on Earth, you deserve more than the best because, you are the World’s Best father of this generation. Continue to wax stronger in the almighty God because 53 years is never ‘a 53 day’. Happy Birthday Odum Ebo ndi Igbo, Happy Birthday Akwa Nnam, and Happy Birthday the Best University Chancellor. I love you beyond measures. Congratulations!!!

  16. A great prophet with outstanding qualities. both human and spirit respect him. A decent and Holy Oracle of the Most High God.I wish you happy birthday in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  17. I celebrate you today my anointed man of God, my beloved father, may God continue to bless you and give you more anointing to carry out God’s work. Happy birthday once again my daddy

  18. Happy birthday to my holy and impeccable father. No encyclopedia will contain ur unquantifiable and selfless service to humanity. Am alive today and making progress is solely because of your prayers. I cannot thank you enough for your merciful and forgiving heart towards me sir. May you live long my beloved Daddy and wins more souls for your beloved father Jesus Christ.

  19. Mayor of Peace, Daddy di uto!

    You are already blessed. Your future will be better than your yesterday. You will accomplish your divine mandate on earth. I appreciate your gross benevolence towards me. I felicitate with you on your birthday.

  20. Happy 53rd Stainless Birthday My Beloved Father, Mentor, Role Model and My Prophet! The Representative of God Almighty On Earth , The Father and The Head of The Prophet; The Lion Of The Tribe Of Igbo I Pray That as you Celebrate Your 53rd Stainless Birthday in The Lord That The Almighty God will increase Your Anointing to fulfil your mission on Earth which is in Rev. 7 🆚 2&3 to The Glory of God In Jesus Name Amen ! Father You will live to see the next generation until when our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will come to take Us Home Amen. Your Lovely Son.
    Chibuzo Ndulue Aghaobi (GOLD) From Dubai, UAE

  21. Thanks to CIB for creating this medium for me to outpour my gratitude . Once again , Daddy Happy 53rd birthday in the Lord.

  22. Happy birthday my mentor, my spiritual father, a role model. A teacher, a preacher, my pastor. You are the one that thought me what is holiness and self control. You are moving from glorrrry to glorrrry, strength to strength, good and sound health. I love sir. Happy perfection birthday my Daddy.

  23. This is great and amazing
    Happy birthday to my dearest Daddy, your birthday on earth gives me life and hope
    Daddy I and my family we love

  24. Wow! What a collection of very sincere wishes & attestation of the goodness & greatness of our beloved Daddy!
    I humbly join children of God to wish our beloved Daddy many more years of greatness as he celebrates his 53rd birthday in the Lord & also his award as an International Mayor of Peace! To God be the glory!

  25. This is great and awesome.
    I Odoemenam obioma from Owerri Branch of L.C.M joining my voice with millions of good hearted people and lovers of this Living Legend DADDY HEZEKIAH to celebrate our icon of HOPE.
    A friend to the Downtrodden, The Last Hope of a Common man.
    A friend, Parent and brother to an Orphan and the helpless.
    I celebrate you my Beloved Daddy, may your dream be accomplished here on Earth in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

  26. My heart, soul, body can’t be enough to thank & appreciate your love, kindness, care towards me & everyone that comes around you Greatness DADDY.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIGTHY DADDY..may GOD ALMIGTHY continue to shower on YOU unstoppable great ,mighty & excellent good health,more blessing,more Happines,joy etc in JESUS Name AMEN!!! H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y-D-A-D-D-Y..owner of my soul.. WULLNP….

  27. This is amazing . Dad deserves all of the wishes and many more .

    Happy birthday to a man of God in whom not just the heavens but humans and angels are well pleased .

    We don’t deserve Him but God being very understanding knew we needed not just a leader but a father and He sent His beloved. Happy birthday to a true icon of Peace .

    We love you even more than mere words can describe.

    Cheers to more years Dad😘

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