Sọrọ Sókè: The Nigerian Royal Command


One painful thing about grief is that it is a new culture altogether. There are no blueprints on how to cope nor existing manual on its acceptable timeline. I have been broken by the events stemmed from corruption in Nigeria […]

One painful thing about grief is that it is a new culture altogether. There are no blueprints on how to cope nor existing manual on its acceptable timeline.

I have been broken by the events stemmed from corruption in Nigeria for a long time but the violence championed by the government and its forces at all levels against peaceful protesters in the past two weeks has left me numb.

What gets me extremely upset is the predictability of government’s insensitivity. It is not enough that most supposedly “elected” officials made their way to seats of power through rigging, they manage to skilfully rub the arrogance of their corruption induced self sufficiency on tax paying citizens.

Let’s not spotlight their ability to gaslight you when they discover you are about to hold them accountable; apparently, they are masters in this scientific art. How a governor conveniently read from a script and chose to deny the realities of so many families who lost their loved ones to the cold bullets of soldiers of the Nigerian Army at the Lekki Tollgate, Lagos, in less than 24 hours before his briefing is a deep mystery. He actually said there were no fatalities. The shooting spree was recorded on an Instagram live feed for justice’ sake. What a Shame!

How do I explain to my kids in future that the only ‘crime’ committed by victims of the Lekki Massacre was their belief that they deserved a better Nigeria? How do I present to them that the only “arms” the peaceful protesters  had at their disposal were harmless placards seeking justice as well as the Nigerian flag? They would definitely not understand that these heroes were reciting the National Anthem which emphasised the need for all to build a nation where peace and justice reign. I feel for them in advance but it is what it is.

As an adult woman, I have no fear in saying that I have given up on President Buhari. For those who witnessed his controversial nature, read reviews of his regime as Military President and chose, without thinking deeply, to vote for him because of the dehumanizing change he promised, I hope you are currently taking notes of how to do better and correct your disservice to the nation in 2023.


The President, from his speech on 22nd of October, 2020, further magnified the failure in his administration as the Leader of Africa’s most populous nation. This clearly means we are left to ourselves.

I understand the speech made well meaning Nigerians speechless but thankfully, it has not erased the fact that the youth know the truth now. Our unity in the past two weeks harassed their rotten strongholds. Those in power couldn’t penetrate because we were all linked by a common goal, to seek justice for everyone, everywhere.

The ordinary Nigerian has been at the receiving end of various forms of brutalities enshrined in the routine operations of the government. Everyone wants to live and live fully without fear of oppression. The protests were not only for the present but to chart a course for the future we have always wanted.


Do not feel defeated. It is beautiful they have seen our unity in diversity. It would be unfair to those who died to choose to be silent or indifferent going forward. There are so many ways we can change the trajectory of 2023. Get your voters card and shun apathy. Your votes count that is why they go at any length to ensure they hijack the ballot boxes shamelessly.

If you are a law student or legal practitioner, make it your aim to be just in truth and in spirit. Do not aspire to be like the Supreme Court Justices who were manipulated by “forces beyond their control” to give the governorship seat to someone who lost boldly at the polls in Imo State. Do not answer questions on technicalities with an unrelated pilot-passenger story. Honor your family name please.

Religion is an important factor for every Nigerian. There are so many denominations so you are at liberty to make your choice. Please, mind who your religious icon is. Do not be comfortable in a congregation where its leader is politically bias. A leader who speaks only in favor of politicians you and I know have no moral compass should not be celebrated. Be wise. Use your Holy Book as your guide.

Avoid tribalistic chatter, they only lead to endless controversies. When the leaders decide to engage in activities that ultimately harm us, they perform without empathy or sentiments. If tribe were an essential factor for development, I doubt Northern Nigeria would top the chart with its high level of extreme poverty in all ramifications. Conduct your research, Daura is a classical victim. We are only interested in a Nigerian President, duly elected, whose sole interest is to make lives better for his/her fellow Nigerians, that’s all!

Get involved in governance. It may not necessarily be running for office but it could be your proactiveness in signing petitions to hold leaders accountable, educating those in underserved communities on the need to vote their future and not sacrifice it on the altar of two unhealthy onion bulbs and a cube of Maggi. It may be a difficult process but it is achievable.

Lastly, remember the president confirmed that he heard our demands loud and clear. Did we send a signal? Oh Yes! Have we won yet? Soon, we will.

The labours of our heroes who fought for our independence in 1960 and those who exchanged their lives for us to embrace peace, progress, unity, equity and justice these past few days shall never be in vain.

For the first time in a while, I am proud to be a Nigerian Youth! Special thanks to Arise TV, Jack Dorsey, Aisha Yesufu, Falz, Runtown, Wizkid, Feminist Coalition, Rinu, Mr. Macaroni, DJ Switch, Aproko Doctor, Dr. Olufunmilayo, Dr. Dipo Awojide, JJ Omojuwa, Segalinks, Reno Omokri and every one at national or international level who contributed in one way or the other to make #ENDSARS a global movement.


May our efforts yield the desired results.

Till the next time, do not forget to Sọrọ Sókè- speak up against any layer of injustice if you are a citizen and speak up as a politician when you are asked questions on accountability. No time.

Thank you!

With Love,

Chidinma Ibemere

8 thoughts on “Sọrọ Sókè: The Nigerian Royal Command
  1. Having followed these series of events like a frontier on twitter streets, I can only say that with the determination and cohesiveness of the youths, the government can only defeat them by adorning the cloak of full blown tyranny. Anything short of that would tan their incompetence under the global sun.

    More power to our resolve.

  2. It’s indeed so sad and disheartening, Surely God shall vindicate his own, oh lord our help In ages past, we beseech thee, the wicked will never go unpunished, Jehovah our whole trust is in you

  3. Honestly I’m left with a mixed feeling. The fact that this old and wicked monsters could look Nigerians in their faces and shove gibberish and political correctedness down our throat, even with the numerous evidences is indeed very painful. I am, however, consoled by the fact that for the very first time in the history of this country our youths united and shook the nation to its root. As-much-as I can’t totally give up on Nigeria, we the youths have plenty of work to do because the war has just started.
    A beautiful write-up CIB!

  4. I am having sleepless night because I have friends in Nigeria especially my beautiful Nja girl friend. She loves staying in Ghana but she has to do her NYS there. Many friends of my who Schooled in Ghana sent me very disturbing images including the Speech and I couldn’t think far. There is no value in that address.
    Wode Maya a Ghanaian Youtuber Said this before in one of his videos of his encounter with the SARS when he came to Nigeria to shot a video where he was arrested because he had an Iphone and Bookmac, what a shame!
    This Buhari man is a big influence on Ghanaian President, he has send his electoral officials to manipulate our electoral systems to favour the seating president.
    Pls let us also keep Ghana in prayers.
    #Endsars now !!!!!

  5. A well articulated write up, with deep direction for the future.
    The lives lost last Tuesday and the preceding days shall stand as a sacrifice to bring to fore the ills of this administration.
    We will not relent and the perpetrators of this evil will reap in 100 folds the consequence of the hideous crime against humanity and God…

  6. Honestly I don’t know how to place my feelings. It went from hope that our youths have woken up to what next can we do.

    our leaders have made themselves liars . I am so pained . Clearly we don’t have a President cause ……. ( this part I am speechless) .

    Well God will intervene cause that is the only hope I have at this point . We wouldn’t stop talking the little way we can , we would keep lending Our voices to this course till we achieve the aim .

  7. Bad priests and political rulers had been before Caiphas and Pontius Pilate in Israel, but none equalled Caiphas and Pilate in whose wicked hands the sinless Son of God was crucified.
    In the same vein, Nigeria has had bad leaders from lord Lugard in 1914 and from 1960 independence to date, but none was as bad, worse or worst as Buhari in whose watch human blood flows ceaselessly on the roads, people waded into and butchered in their homes, in the church, in transit or on journeys, mothers and daughters raped and killed, citizens kidnapped raped, killed after demanded ransome was paid, country’s rich treasury dried (₦500 to $1 as against 70k to $1 in 1970), applicants charged N500,000 for a job of 30k monthly emolument, no admission for qualified Jamb candidates, fuel hike, jobs and overseas scholarship for Boko Haram insurgents but none for loyal citizens, Leah Saibu forced into marriage to Boko Haram mafia because she is Christ’s, all top positions in the entire country occupied by Muslim hausa-Fulanis, ARMLESS PROTESTING CITIZENS SHOT TO DEATH at Lekki Lagos and on Abuja down to the sea shores, list on! And in all these, the president ruler Buhari is unperturbed nor do his canals! Hand writing on the wall may be visible, if Heaven grants it! And at God’s time.

  8. One thing is certain “The wicked will never go unpunished” it ibsthe word of God, “Whatsoever a man sows, so shall he reap”. These politicians think they can murder innocent protesters & go free because they are in authority, but they forget that Karm exists… The youths of Nigeria have won a huge battle against oppression, fear of the unknown & so on & it continues….

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