Count and Name Your Blessings!


My Dearest, How have you been? I hope you are working on choosing joy regardless of how harsh reality might be. It’s been such a wild year, no doubts, but I am here to humbly remind you of how privileged […]

My Dearest,

How have you been? I hope you are working on choosing joy regardless of how harsh reality might be. It’s been such a wild year, no doubts, but I am here to humbly remind you of how privileged and fortunate we are.


In exactly 7 days, Christians across the globe will be celebrating #Christmas, the Birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and in 13 days, this “wonderful” year would come to an end. With all the twists and turns that accompanied 2020, it feels surreal to be this close to 2021 or what do you think?

I have sat with myself in the past week to deeply reflect on the journey so far. To be very honest, some memories ought to go into extinction (a loud Amen!), some are recalled with a broad and sincere smile with me blushing from ear to ear while some serve as a clear reminder that God loves intentionally.

I do not intend to make your current pain or troubles seem invalid. We are humans and emotions are to be felt without reservation. I am a witness. This piece is to encourage you to count your blessings and name them one by one.

I will share some of mine below. I hope you are inspired to do the same:

  • I am alive: There is no extra thing I do that gives me the right to still live. I lost loved ones who rank higher than me and are more honorable but here am I. This is a miracle I do not take for granted.
  • I can see: I started using recommended glasses while in primary school after being diagnosed with chronic astigmatism. I have stressed/strained my eyes in so many ways, please, judge me. Sometimes, I forget my glasses for weeks and start searching for it when I can no longer bear the pain. I have now gotten to the point where I need my glasses in order to be sane. It’s my fault so I am not complaining🤐. I will bear my cross. The reason I am so thankful for the gift of seeing is because of the blind man I had the opportunity of listening to some days ago. At a glance, you could bet that nothing was wrong with his sight but he couldn’t see. A very tall and good looking man, eloquent and sound in reasoning. I couldn’t catch up with his contributions because the man is deep in knowledge. His eyes were open, only following the direction of sound yet despite the heaviness I feel even as I type this, I have the good fortune of seeing.
  • Amazing Support System: My number one cheerleader is God! He showed up for me in great ways and showed me off to the world without seeking permission. I owe my relevance and existence to Him. I asked a lot of questions and He always sent answers. On 2nd of May, 2020, God went the extra mile to remind me of my purpose in a dream. The signs, the silence, the songs, the words, the strategically planted persons are ways in which He guides, counsels, admonishes and instructs me. I love God and I am honored to be loved by Him.
  • My family and my precious friends have been great pillars of strength. I know a lot of people see me as a super strong baby girl but the truth is, “I am only human🎶🎼🎶”. There is a limit to my strength and the right people with the right words of encouragement go a long way to lift you. I am blessed with the very best of family and angels in friends clothing. They helped my healing process during my tough moments and I love them with my whole being.
  • Extra gist😎: This year, I started my YouTube channel, Chidinma Ibemere TV (Pastor Chinwetal Mokeme must be super proud of me). The channel may have few videos in all its glory but it’s a milestone because my brethren, it takes me forever to settle myself in front of a camera. Panic usually sets in and that can be overwhelming. So grateful I prevailed. My other blessings include blogging more, I read more, fulfilled my birthday desire of hosting an outreach activity, and I also learnt how to drive. I met beautiful people with hearts of gold, who were kind to me by sharing their privilege.

These are some of my blessings I have chosen to count, now it’s your turn my darling. Please, do not regard anything as insignificant. Your ability to eat and be full is an actual blessing. Kindly sit back and think about all you have been through since January and make a thanksgiving list and don’t forget to share.

If you are a Christian, you must have come across certain stories where Jesus healed people and instructed them not to share with anyone but they cheerfully did otherwise. Please, there is so much joy in acknowledging your process.

In conclusion, I would sincerely appreciate if you consider being the bright light in the clouds of people around you this season. Even if it means sending a thoughtful text, calling, providing food, money or clothing for someone who deserves it, please, do not hesitate. Imagine someone counting you as a blessing, Pure Bliss!!!!

If you do not know how to go about this, kindly reach out to me via +2349026837917. Let’s count blessings together and be counted as well.

Remember, your safety is key. Do not be careless. I pray you experience peace, joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life.


Till the next time, don’t stop being grateful.

With Love,

Chidinma Ibemere💕

5 thoughts on “Count and Name Your Blessings!
  1. Well done, Chidinma.
    Despite what the year has been, we are here. Breathing. Thriving.

    And I got to meet you this year by a stroke of chance!! 😊😊
    I am rooting for you and all you will set to accomplish in the coming year ❤️

  2. I am sincerely greatful to God Almighty for the gift of life,his guardian and protection towards me,my family and friends are unconditional,am very happy and greatful to God..most especially I am privileged to own a business of my own this same horrible year.God’s steadfast love and blessings in my life and of my family is too much..am forever grateful to God Most High

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